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Relieve Many Aches By Switching Shoes

Most people know to change their shoes if their feet hurt. High heels can squash toes, weaken the ankles, and add excessive pressure to the ball of the foot. Taking those off will end the pain.

Flats that rub on the side of the foot are too small or completely worn out. Purchasing a new pair will alleviate the rubbing. Sneakers that lack support will cause arches to burn, and work boots that do not fit properly will make the entire foot and ankle ache.

The Wrong Shoes

Shoes should not hurt. Some people ignore that fact in favor of fashion trends. Whether it is women’s heels or men’s pointed toe boots, comfort is sacrificed for appearances. That is a conscious choice.

Those who are required to wear safety shoes, work boots, or closed-toed shoes at work may believe the discomfort is just something they have to get used to over time. That is not the case. If shoes hurt, burn, or do not provide the right amount of support, they are the wrong shoes.

Other Aches and Pains

Ill-fitting shoes do not only affect the feet and ankles. Shoes or boots that do not fit properly will cause general fatigue and pain in the knees, hips, lower back, and spine. Depending on the type of work duties completed or the length of the shift, shoulders, the neck, and the head can ache as well.

At first, the pain may be relieved by putting legs up after work or soaking the feet. Day after day, the pain will get worse and persist on days off and throughout the night. Muscle cramps, swelling, corns or bunions, and a burning sensation can keep people up at night.

See a Podiatrist

Any questions or concerns about the feet and ankles should be addressed with a podiatrist. The professional will examine the feet and ankles, ask about work and other activities, and look at the shoes worn to the appointment. Recommendations will be made on the best footwear to purchase.

If needed, special insoles can be custom made to correct foot problems. An orthopedic insert can be made to support high arches, for example, and make most any type of shoe comfortable.