Many people associate air quality with the term “Global Warming” which is why the government has been enacting such strict emission standards for transport and shipping vehicles. Truck owners understand the pressure of meeting these standards as well as what it means if their vehicle fails a emissions test, prompting them to seek out quality non-toxic additives that help the exhaust system keep things in check. One way this can be accomplished is through the use of exhaust fluid products offered by companies like PEAKHD which can turn a toxic exhaust cloud into harmless vapor.

One Simple Step Makes a Difference

It’s hard to believe that a simple addition to diesel exhaust can make it safer for the environment. When diesel exhaust fluid or DEF products are injected into the exhaust stream, the nitrogen oxide is broken down into water and nitrogen vapor. These two innocuous gasses are then what is expelled from the exhaust pipe, leaving no black soot stains and keeping the air clean for everyone around.

Save Time and Money

To ensure that exhaust continuously meets API standards, DEF products must be purchased and added separately. For truck owners this entails keeping large quantities on hand in storage containers, especially if they have a fleet of large trucks under their supervision. Companies like PEAKHD are prepared to assist in this matter by offering both bulk and mobile storage solutions as well as pumps and dispensers. This can make the administration of the product a much simpler, quicker, and cost-effective process since there is no need to drive vehicles to an off-site location in order to refill.

Keep a Motor Running Smoothly

In addition to providing quality DEF products, companies like PEAK have created three types of heavy-duty synthetic engine oils that optimize thermal stability to help engines run more smoothly and easily meet today’s low emission standards. Traditional diesel engines do not run as high in temperature as their new counterparts which means the standardized oil that has been around for years is not built to control the oxidation or viscosity breakdown that can occur at these higher temperatures. Visiting a website like is a great way for truck owners to better understand which type of oil will help protect and extend the life of their engine under the heat and long driving conditions that the vehicle endures.